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Akari Nori

Meet The Team

Lucent Designs Media, founded on October 6, 2018, initially began as a local photography service in Puyallup, Washington that, over time, expanded and grew to include professional contributors from twelve countries around the globe.

With our talented team of fifteen alongside a growing membership of Affiliated Artists, we continue to expand our reach by working with clients and collaborators around the world.

Executive Team

Daniel Dino-Slofer

Greetings! Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, United States, I am an avid practitioner of media-based mediums for teaching, experimenting, and expression. My primary skills include landscape and macro photography, canvas painting, writing, traveling, and volunteering with local youth organizations. 

As the owner of Lucent Designs Media International, I am very proud to offer our team's expertise and quality services for your photography and media promotion needs.

Akari Nori

Kon'nichiwa! My name is Akari Nori, born and raised in Misawa, Aomori Japan. I am the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Lucent Designs Media International, responsible for the day-to-day operations of our organization. I also monitor and train our personnel, manage quality assurance in our company’s offerings, and develop workflows that are of the highest quality and delivered with efficiency.

When not leading our team of talented creators, I enjoy traveling around Asia taking photographs of its beautiful landscape.

Venetia Valocco Giuseppina

Venetia V. Giuseppina - Italy
Chief Financial Officer

Ciao! Venetia Valocco Giuseppina is my name, hailing from Florence Italy. As Chief Financial Officer, I provide monetary and investment management services within our operations worldwide, including the funding for our Affiliated Artists Campaign and various promotional opportunities to our partners.


When not working on ledgers and crunching numbers, I enjoy quarterly trips to the beaches across the European Mediterranean Sea. 

Canh Sophia Dao

Xin chào! My name is Canh Dao, but you can call me Sophia. I hail from Vinh, Vietnam! I founded and ran my own video production company for five years before merging with Lucent Designs Media. I now oversee our teams across Greater Asia, while still assisting with documentary style travel photography and video projects on the side.

My camera of choice is the Sony Alpha a5000 Mirrorless.

Aiden Mel-Dominica

Aiden Mel-Dominica - Mexico
Marketing Specialist

Hola! I am Aiden Melanoleuca-Dominica, born in Aguascalientes, Mexico, but operating from Cancun. I bring my experience in marketing to expand our company presence through targeted advertising and social media campaigns. I also serve as a proofreader for internal documents within our organization.

In my free time I enjoy playing guitar and painting nature landscapes.

Salza Alexiou

Salza Alexiou - Greece
Public Relations Specialist

Chairetísmata! I'm Salza Alexiou, hailing from Mykonos, Greece. I am a journalist from the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, and have worked across all 44 countries in Europe in the past 15+ years. I now work as the Public Relations Specialist for Lucent Designs Media International.


My duties include but are not limited to handling materials for press releases, plan and direct public relation programs, and help raises funds for charitable ventures alongside our Chief Financial Officer. Pleased to meet you all!

 Photography Team

Luo Zhang

Luo "Miranda" Zhang - Taiwan
Senior Photographer

Ni hao! I am Luo Zhang, but you can call me Miranda. I bring my twelve years of experience to oversee photography services in both my home country of Taiwan and in Macau, while also contributing a portion of my output to Lucent Designs Media International's global portfolio. My subjects of expertise includes nature, travel, and tourism photography. Let's capture life in a new angle together!

My camera of choice is the PENTAX-FA f/1.8 Limited Lens Black.

Tekla Solvieg

Tekla Linnéa Solvieg - Sweden
Senior Photographer

Hej! Tekla Linnéa Solvieg is my name. I hail from Vasteras Sweden where I work as a medical billing specialist in our local hospital by day, and prowler of the local obscurus scene by night.


I excel in both monochrome and abstract photography, combining the two themes to create expressionist pieces that will make you observe, think, and admire. Care to come into my world? 

My camera of choice is the Olympus OM-D E-M1.

Andrea Rubylyn Bautista

Andrea R. Bautista - Canada
Junior Photographer

Kumusta! Hey all! I'm Andrea Rubylyn Bautista. I live and grew up in Toronto Canada, though my family immigrated from the Philippines. My preferences include urban and night-time photography, with a focus on long exposure techniques. My favorite hobbies are skateboarding, shopping, parkour, and exploring.

My camera of choice is the PENTAX-FA f/1.8 Limited Lens Black.

Deja Yaboah

Deja Yaboah - Côte d'Ivoire
Junior Photographer

Bonjour! I am Deja Yaboah and I hail from the Ivory Coast, Africa, but currently reside in London, England. My area of interest lies in fashion and exotic subjects in media. I look forward to seeing my captures integrated into our brand as I bring a new style to our team's global catalogue!

My camera of choice is the Nikon D6 +NIKKOR 16-85mm.

Bryan Fernando

Bryan Fernando - Indonesia
Junior Photographer

Hello, my name is Bryan Fernando. I am originally from Jambi, Indonesia but currently studying in a university in the Jogja area. My goal of joining Lucent Designs Media is to apply my photography skills. My specialties are modeling and nature. Nice to meet you, and looking forward to working with you all!

My camera of choice is the Canon EOS 450D.

Creative & Design Team

Beatrix Cendana

Beatrix Cendana - Indonesia
UX Designer & Content Creator

Halo! My name is Beatrix Cendana, from Indonesia. I am the UX Designer/Web Developer turned content creator of Lucent Designs Media International, utilizing my previous experiences to continue honing my craft.


I will be working behind the scenes practicing my skills for outreach and charitable offerings of educational content relating to photography and design. I look forward to learning alongside this wonderful team of individuals!

Linh Tran

Linh Tran - United States
Photo Retoucher & Contributor

Xin Chao!! My name is Linh Tran, from Vietnam. I currently work as an accountant. It is so different from my major, but I am also interested in graphic design and photo editing. I would love to grow more with my skills and contribute my ability to Lucent Designs Media International.

I look forward to working and making our pictures look aesthetic!!!

Connie Zhang

Hello my name is Connie Zhang! I'm skilled in digital design, and my expertise consists of logo design, watermarks, digital art, and page layout.

My tools include Adobe Photoshop CC, Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint.

Jawon Photo

Hello, I'm Jawon from South Korea. I like to call myself a 'Little Image Architect' because I've seamlessly blended my love for architectural roots, design, and a passion for photography.


I like to capture the moment, drawing inspiration from my architectural background and using my unique perspective to play with lines, angles, and colors. I believe that every image is waiting to tell its story and I'm here to introduce their story to the world.

Internship Staff

Ashley Bergen

Ashley Burgen - United States
Design & UX/UI Major

Ashley is a passionate Graphic Design student looking to secure a challenging position to expand her successful software knowledge and skill set.

She is driven to add value to the success of our company's team through hard work, discipline, and attention to detail.

Julie 1.jpg

Eka Leavell - United States
Design & UX/UI Major

Eka is passionate about art design and technology, seeking to demonstrate her creative artistic and technical. She skills in Digital Design and UX/UI Design.

She works to contribute to the Lucent Designs Media team, producing great photography and videography content to help our company's marketing campaigns or clients.

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