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Stranger Things: The Experience

Stranger  Things: The Experience
Logo of the Stranger Things: The Experience

Hello! Back again after a long time to update you on what’s nerdy and fun in the world around me! As many fans of the Stranger Things series know, it has an interactive experience around the world now.

First starting in Georgia of the United States a building was used to create the settings of the story in real life. From the famous rainbow room to the Hawkins Forest in a full 3D scene in front of you. It got rave reviews and worth the time for people to travel to, and soon it went all around the USA, Canada, and France! The most recent location is Seattle, located in Washington State. The props they use from the Los Angeles location are the ones here, and opened on May 27 th of this year, it was an instant hit.

I attended the first day of this. It wasn’t a big cutting of a ribbon to another world, but the staff was prepared for fans of all ages, cosplayers, and families. A regular ticket will run you a decent chunk but when going with friends this cost is lower. The original story created is simple; the introduction to the Hawkins Sleep Lab and the illusion that nothing wrong is going on. From there it is utter chaos and the actors the event hires work great with their scripts and more.

After this 45-minute interactive episode you are taken to the gift shop and food and believe me there is a good variety of items. On the opening day of Seattle there was no food for sale, but this recent visit I did in July had pizza, ice cream, and a full bar (even with mocktails if you don’t partake). There are three separate places to buy items as well. There are so many t-shirts limited to these events, funko plushies, simple gifts like cell phone cases, and overall fun for everyone.

Around you are picture areas like the Scoops Ahoy table where Erica, Dustin and Steve discuss ideas in season 3. Vecna looms over you in another set piece you can take pictures with, and I have to say is a great representation of the actor’s height in comparison to anyone that was near him in the show proper. The wall of the “Best dressed” is a Hawkins High School idea that has polaroid’s and other fun photos from people or the staff that are the top for the week. Finally, there is Joyce’s living room and the lights that were the iconic image that lasted for a while in people’s eyes for season 1.

All these are photo opportunities and there are always cosplayers there. The first time I went I was the messed-up Chrissy Cunningham because that was the first version of her I chose to become a year ago. This July I was her again, but in a graduation outfit and fake diploma. The staff loves the cosplayers and the people that come to visit, and it is well worth the Seattle price tag. I plan to go back in September, but I don’t know when yet, as that month I have another big event coming, but for my acting instead.

For more information, please check out the website!

Stranger Things: The Experience - Seattle (

That’s all for now from your cosplay traveler! Until next time, and thanks for all the fish.


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