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Los Angeles Adventure Part 2: Horror Nights

If you haven’t read part 1 of this blog, read that first!

Also, this topic is also big since Halloween is soon and it is the best part of the year for me! Everyday is spooky or cosplay season for me and this 2nd part is sure to fill that candy filled gap.

Before Halloween fun came a cool experience at the open-air mall by me. It was a free art exhibition called Pokémon Kohei and had a ton of awesome art made from different mediums to make Pokémon come to life. From metal works, fabric kimono patterns, and much more. This was great to see and one of the few places the exhibition went. I wish this was in Seattle, but to see it on my trip out was nice.

Pokémon Kohei Art Exhibit
Pokémon Kohei

I got some lunch, got ready, and headed to the fun for that night.

Hellfire Queen Chrissy
Time to be spooky as Hellfire Queen Chrissy

Time to be spooky as Hellfire Queen Chrissy

A great night occurs when the park changes to Halloween Horror Nights. The normally bright sunlight of LA goes dark, and fire comes out of the park lights when the darkness comes. It only has a few rides open, but this isn’t the appeal of that nighttime fun; what you are looking for are the haunted houses. I went that night ‘early’, but everyone had the same idea. A big crowd of people and soon we are let inside, and my Hellfire Queen Chrissy on full display.

My cosplay isn’t a cosplay to the theme park, and it wasn’t full face makeup (which isn’t allowed). This allowed me to be in a new look that matched the fun of the event. First haunted house and being in the front of the line (since it wasn’t open till half an hour later), it was the Evil Dead Rise house. Then I attempted to get in line for the Stranger Things house. Each time a general attendance person came up the line would cap. I ultimately couldn’t go and see my goal of the night, but I did go to the Stellar Bar which was the bar association to the house.

This was even located by the Mummy and Jurassic World as well, which I went back on to make it a better night. Somehow me, and my wig, survived that great night and I slept well knowing that I went to the best theme park for me. It was a great balance of simple fun in the daytime the day before, but exciting thrills at night this time of the year.

By the end of the night, I went back to the hotel and attempted to sleep before heading home back to WA state. I want to go back someday to the fun of these areas, but I think my husband will go with me next time so he can enjoy the sights too.

My travels often aren’t too far away, but they offer a big getaway from the crazy life I have at work and college work before my degree is completed. Until the next out of state adventure I will be at work or on the stage for Rocky Horror.


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