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Coterie vs Community

Group of people chatting

Everyone is part of a group that likes the same thing or at least something similar, whether we know about it or not.

Music, art, gaming, reading, movies, TV shows, anything you like, there will be someone out there who will enjoy it just as much as you do, so what do you call a group of people who all like the same thing or at least something similar to the same thing?

This group can also be known as a coterie.


You thought I was going to say a community?

Well, yes and no.

While a coterie is a community, the two definitions are slightly a little different from each other. A coterie is a group of people who share the same interest. A community is a group of people who socialize in a location. I bring these two words up to talk about a "community name" we have all heard of, fandoms.

I suppose everyone has heard of the name "fandoms" before, but to those who don't know. A "fandom" or "fandoms" is a subculture created by fans who all share the same or at least some common interest.

Hmm, that sounds almost similar to the definition of coterie.

And if you're asking yourself, "I still don't understand what a fandom is?" then let me give you some examples,

If you watch anime, you would be a part of the anime community, which is a general community to be a part of. The anime community is where everyone watches anime, views manga and webtoons, and participates in art, cosplay, and fanfiction (or stories, for a better term). But if you watch a specific anime, then you would be a part of a fandom, a small sub-group.

And this doesn't stop at anime.

As I have stated before, music that ranges from pop to Kpop to R&B to Rap. Gaming, like Halo, Apex, Mario, Sonic, mobile, PC, and console. Books like romance, spice, adventure, fantasy, and medieval. All of us are part of a community or a coterie.

But should we be calling our fandoms a community or a coterie?

The answer is both!

Yes, a community is where people come together at a location, and we do. Concerts, conventions, stores, social media groups, and apps, all of those things are what make a community. You, being into Ne-yo, Pitbull, BigBang, BTS, Arianna Grande, COD (Call of Duty), Fortnite, Genshin, Homescapes, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, CoryxKenshin, Kindle, and the library, is your specific group, your coterie.

And while you do have a small group, you don't have to be a part of a community. I feel like this is a topic for another time, but I will briefly touch on it here. Just because you like a specific artist, content creator, show, movie, series, etc, that doesn't mean you like the genre. For example, I don't like listening to the rap music genre, but I listen to Nicki Minaj's songs.

When it comes to joining a community, think to yourself if you are joining a community together or a small community where it's a sub-genre.


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